Selena King grew up in Sharon, PA, and is the second oldest of six girls. Her father, a 50-year United Steel Workers Union member, retired with the nickname: “The Man of Steel”. Her mother, Dr. Lora Adams-King, was previously the first Black president of the Sharon City School Board and the Farrell Area School District superintendent. Selena grew up working part-time jobs at a department store and as a bank teller, but her mother instilled in her a love of education, and she was motivated to graduate from Gannon University with a degree in liberal arts and a minor in organizational leadership. Like her parents, she turned around and gave back to the community that lifted her through many service roles.

In her role with the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General, Selena helped volunteer fire departments in the northwest region of Pennsylvania. She traveled the area keeping her ear to the ground and meeting with chiefs, firefighters, and other community leaders, learning the challenges facing our first responders.

It’s tough to find someone more civically engaged than Selena King. She serves in varied roles to strengthen and improve equity in our community, including with the PA Legislative Black Caucus Foundation, PA Human Relations Commission Social Justice Ambassador, and the City of Erie’s Zoning Hearing Board. Selena also serves as an expert member of The City of Erie’s Blighted Property Review Committee (BPRC) which is improving and redeveloping properties all over the city.

Selena is honored to serve as a staff member in U.S. Senate, where she stays close to the needs of northwestern Pennsylvanians and speaks up for the voices she grew up hearing. She advocates for a Western PA Agenda, including better roads, bridges, jobs, education, and technology here so that we have the same opportunities as the other side of the state. It is her favorite role yet.

Now Selena is running for State Senate because she has been listening, and she knows that Harrisburg has ignored our community for too long. Selena has been working for us, and now she is taking the fight to Pennsylvania’s Capitol to get northwestern Pennsylvania its fair share.

Selena King is running for State Senate to create opportunities for all northwestern Pennsylvanians.  To ensure access to good jobs, a secure retirement, affordable living, and schools that produce the next generation of innovators and inventors that power our economy.